Easter at Church Unlimited Kids


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event planning


Easter Event at Church Unlimited for the kids department.


Provide an opportunity for people to experience volunteering in kids ministry and invite friends and family who do not regularly attend Church Unlimited.

Some stuff I did for this event…

A big help with this event was using the show material and program provided by New Spring Church absolutely amazing resources for kids church curriculum.

  • Plan everything! Partnering with my husband we came up with the why, what, and how of the whole event, then I presented it to the Kids co-ordinators.
  • Finding and equipping people. Emailing, handing out flyers and ask everyone and anyone within the church that could possibly help out in any way. (the email defined certain roles that were needed, the commitment and what you will be required to do along with the why).
  • Created meeting schedules, on the day program schedules, shopping lists, RSVP excel tracking sheet, a social media plan and the social media and email content.
  • Graphic elements for the poster, logo, social media and kids take homes(Easter goodies and Easter hunt card).
  • Finding Easter Egg donations.
  • Set up – decorating the stages, creating props.


  • Making this all happen with limited resources for over 500 children over two consecutive Sundays.
  • Easter Sunday 2018, had the highest record of children to attend Church Unlimited Kids.
  • Having fun working with amazing people is always the best I think! I met, worked with and have new friends for life.

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